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Daily Ritual 1: Cleanse | Replenish | Protect

Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to take care of your skin. This April we are sharing the daily and weekly rituals you can do at home.

We begin on Sunday 5th of April at 2pm. The fundamentals of cleansing, using products to enhance your skin health, slow down the ageing process and protect your skin from the elements.

These are the exact treatments I use twice a day and that I recommend for nearly any skin concerned with ageing. It is five staple Juvenate Cosmedical Skincare products all with different actions in the skin, plus sunscreen. Your daily regime could be just three products depending on your individual needs.


What products will we use?

  1. Revitalising Cleanser An all-in-one natural make-up remover and facial wash that soothes and moisturises without over-drying or stripping the skin of essential oils. Antibacterial and antiseptic qualities helps blemishes and calms irritated skin.

  2. upLift Eye & Lip Serum Intensive resurfacing serum with high potency active anti-aging ingredients. Relax fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of dark circles & under eye puffiness. Inhibits muscle contraction, smoothing skin texture and helping to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles with long lasting effects.

  3. B-Hydrated 4D Complex B-Hydrated 4D is a multi-active hydrating complex that helps to promote the formation of collagen. Designed to de-stress, sooth, smooth and strengthen skin, providing the skin with protection and optimising the environment for skin cell health.

  4. Reactivating Complex Restore radiance, help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, diminish visible skin blemishes and increases skin density and thickness. The active ingredients work in harmony with the skin's own repair system and mimics the biology of young skin. Stimulates the collagen synthesis to encourage youthful cell renewal.

  5. Rejuvenate Crème A luxurious rich crème for dry/mature skin. Proven in clinical studies to smooth skin texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves firmness & hydration.

  6. Skinnies SPF30 BB Cream For UV protection & tint coverage. Supercharged BB cream for your face in the sun with 4 things in 1. Protects, tints, repairs, and moisturises.


How do I join in?

Just download the ZOOM app on your phone, tablet or computer and log in to our live stream on Sunday at 2pm. You will need to enter our unique meeting details below.

Meeting ID: 645-963-709

Password: 007276

You will be able to ask questions during the stream via the chat function and don't worry we have set it up so your video wont turn on, you can be in your PJ's with a wine and no one will know.

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