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The September Project Daily Balance

Protects + Restores + Rejuvenates.

Why you need it: Living with chronic and low-grade inflammation is unfortunately very common these days, due to exposure to processed foods, stress, lifestyle choices, and environmental toxins.

Inflammation can show up for everyone differently and can lead to malabsorption of nutrients and a host of other symptoms. Most people absorb only 10-20% of nutrients due to cellular level inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can show up in many forms, including:

Low energy and fatigue

Malapsorption issues

Weight gain

Digestive issues, including bloating and constipation

Sugar cravings

Low moods and anxiety

Skin breakouts

Hormone imbalances and menstrual issues

Brain fog and difficulty staying focused

Daily Balance is not just supplement. It is a raw, functional food composed of all organic, natural ingredients – in a form that’s more readily bioavailable to us (we absorb 97%) than vitamin supplements (5%-25% absorbable) made in a laboratory.

The September Project Daily Balance

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