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The September Project Daily Vitality Immune + energy boost

Daily Vitality builds on the foundations built by Daily Balance.

A powerful blend of functional food, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, and ancient herbs, paired with the most nutrient-dense superfood on the planet, AFA (Blue-Green Algae).

This cutting edge formula fortifies and supports the immune system, boosts energy levels, aids with gut health and digestion and nourishes your body at a cellular level. Daily Vitality offers a highly absorbable and active source of nutrients, perfect for people feeling sluggish, run down, tired or exhausted.

Why you need it:

Optimal health starts with optimal nutrient intake, which most of us fail to achieve through diet alone. When combined with lifestyles of processed food, work stress, environmental toxins, lack of sleep, we are even more likely to have a nutrient deficiency.

Nutritional deficiencies form an important global health issue, impacting physical and mental health such as:

Low Energy

Slow metabolism

Digestive/ Gut issues

Headaches, Lack of Concentration, Foggy Brain.

Low Mood & Motivation

Malabsorption issues

Skin Breakouts

Hormone imbalances

Constipation or irregular bowel movements

Anxiety or Heart palpitation

Hair loss, Brittle nails, Dry Skin

21st Century reasons for nutrient deficiency:

Soil Quality: produce grown in less nutrient dense soil due to industrial farming.

The rise in digestive problems and nutrient malabsorption due to increase in processed food, stress, environmental toxins.

Not consuming volume and diversity of plant-based whole foods.

Daily Vitality helps to restore overall biochemical balance by nourishing the body at the cellular level. Consider Daily Vitality a simple ritual that charges your inner batteries and ensures you’re meeting your nutrient needs.

The September Project Daily Vitality Immune + energy boost

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